10 Best And Worst Ways To Extinguish Your Thirst


Although tap water is excellent choice to keep you hydrated in the heat, many people are looking for alternative ways to extinguish the thirst during the greatest heat of the day.

thirstDehydration is insidious and often its first signs are not visible enough to react in time, so it is extremely important that during the summer we are constantly and properly hydrated. Here is the list of good and bad ways to extinguish your thirst during summer:


Coconut water

Most people still know very little or nothing about this liquid. Coconut water is ideal sports drink, packed with electrolytes, which will help accelerate the recovery of your body after efforts and exercises, but it also contains some of the carbohydrates that will give you the energy you need.

However, coconut water is not a real substitute for professional sports drink because it contains too little salt and has considerably more potassium than other similar drinks.

Flavored Water

Flavored water may not be absolutely the healthiest drink that exists on the market, since it contains concentrates, artificial sweeteners and sugar. On the other hand, if you can not bear the taste (or lack of taste) of plain water, flavored water is certainly an acceptable solution to keep you hydrated.

Also, instead buying water from market, put some concentrated lemon juice or another favorite fruit and dilute it with lots of water to enjoy even healthier and cheaper alternative to fight against thirst.

Caffeinated beverages

We believe that coffee and tea does not sound like the ideal beverage for hydration of the body, but the latest research convince us that by drinking them our body retains more fluid than it consumes.


Fruit has no downside, say nutritionists. Consumption of fruits helps maintain the water longer in the body. Ideal fruit for these hot days is watermelon, various berries (especially if you eat them fresh) and oranges, that are rich in fiber, vitamins and liquid.

Chocolate milk

If you give up prejudices, you will realize that the drink considered as exclusively for children is actually an extremely good way to restore energy after physical exercise. It will replace all the proteins, carbohydrates and sugar that you burn during exercise or work in the heat.

However, be careful not to exaggerate with the amount, pack of half liter will be sufficient to meet all your needs, and yet is not calorie bomb.


Like fruits, vegetables have a great possibility of “eating” water. Many vegetables contain more than 90% of water and fibre that will help you restore energy. As an added bonus, the vegetables are excellent foods before exercise – very easy to digest, you can eat vegetables 15 minutes before exercise and you’ll have the energy to carry out all right.


Sweet fizzy drinks

Although some “scientists” claim that drinks like Coke are good for your health it is simply not true. The negative effects of excessive consumption of sweet carbonated drinks especially increase if you use them to put out thirst during exercise or hard work.


We believe that there is no doctor who would recommend the consumption of alcohol during the great heat in summer. Alcohol dehydrates your body and if you plan any kind of physical activity that is not in the shade, avoid drinking alcohol. If you still decide to drink some alcoholic beverage than drink lot of water with it.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are much more concentrated than coffee and certainly will not give you the energy to exercise.

Soda water

This cousin of H2O seems like a great deal to compensate for water, but it has bad sides. “It can cause bloating and winds, which is not very good idea if you go the gym. Also, there is the issue of quantity: bubbles are difficult to drink. If you insist on having a drink with bubbles, drink mineral water.