10 New Healthier And Funnier Options For Halloween Treats

There are many reasons out there why one should choose other Halloween treats rather than candy because they contain too much sugar and too much food dye.

They are also very bad because they cause food allergies because nowadays almost all candy contains peanuts. They are also really bad for the teeth of the children and if you choose a non-sugar Halloween treats you will save many parents of checking their kids candy bags.

So there is the idea that parents should start giving new Halloween treats to the kids that are safer and healthier alternatives. Following we listed some of those alternatives:

1. Nutiva snacks
Or any other healthier snacks then candy. Make sure they contain less sugar and food dye. You will even be surprised how these snacks are nearly the same price as the regular candy. So what do you have to lose?

2. Organic juice
This is very practical. Just think about it, kids will get thirsty eventually from walking all those houses.

3. Pumpkin oranges
If you have the time and you feel crafty this is probably the best and most healthy idea you can make for Halloween! Just buy some fresh oranges and draw on them some pumpkin faces.

4. Organic candy
And if you really can’t give up on candy on Halloween, you can at least bye organic ones without as much sugar and food dye.

5. Mini notebooks
Yes you can afford them. They are actually pretty cheap and imagine how many kids would you make happy. They are very practical and kids will wear them all around.

6. Crayon pens
Of course alongside the notebook there come a pen. Make sure you get some fun and unique ones and you will succeed in your mission of making kids exited.

7. Lego figures
Well if you want kids to remember you and your house to be the favorite one for trick or treating, this is the way. Just buy some Lego compatible figures and count it done.

8. Organic honey sticks
They are just as delicious as regular candy yet they are very beneficial and mums will love you because of this choice !

9. Small flashlights
If you aspire to make kids even happier and have the coolest Halloween treats maybe you should consider buying mini flashlights which of course are very practical for kids walking around in the dark and it is going to be even more fun for them.

10. Stickers
Of course this is an amazing idea for trick or treating ! How doesn’t love stickers? They are in all different types of shapes, colors and characters. Buy ones of many kinds and you will make every child happy. And they are totally cheap and the best choice if you are having doubts!

There are millions of options for replacing the traditional Halloween treats with healthier and funnier ones, all you need to do is think practical and imagine what would make you happy if you were a child!

Thank you for reading.

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