Healthiest Cities in USA

Healthiest Cities in USA

Washington D.C. is the healthiest city in USA and Minneapolis - St. Paul got demoted to #2 after holding the top spot for three straight years. But what makes one city a healthy place to live, and another the opposite? The ranking assesses the “Health and Community Fitness Status of

Dogs Can Detect Cancer


Yes, dogs can smell cancer. They can even smell it at stage zero. The study found that dogs can detect prostate cancer with 98 percent certainty. Scientists from ‘Medical Detection Dogs’ located in UK have found that dogs can detect prostate and bladder cancer. This type of cancer is most

Coffee in a Waffle Cone


What’s the only thing that would make your favorite cup of espresso or macchiato better? If that cup were an edible waffle cone triple - dipped in chocolate, of course. Have you always wanted to drink coffee out of a waffle cone? Your answer is probably "yes," because why wouldn't you want