5 Big Mistakes Which Women Make In Bed

It is well known that women tend to complicate many things in life, which is valid for sex life too, where for many ladies a few lessons would do well on how to avoid most common mistakes in lovemaking.


1. Never fake orgasm

This is the first and fundamental rule. Because why would you enter into a love affair if you deprive yourself of the summit. Perhaps on some occasions acting can be forgiven, but it cannot become a habit, anyway, every man will be glad to do his best to satisfy you, only it is important that you let him.

2. He does not think like a woman and does not read thoughts

You must tell him exactly what you want in bed, how to approach you and satisfy you in love. Neither your partner, nor anyone else, can read your mind, overcome shyness and specify it while making love. Learn to express your sexual needs and desires with words and sex will be fantastic.

3. Innovation

No one says you have to immediately turn to violent games that involve bondage and whipping, but having always the same sex gets boring very quickly.

Begin with simple things, like new positions, and along the way explore what both of you like. You will soon discover your new side for which you never thought that exists.

4. Laziness

Laziness is the greatest enemy of good sex. If you are already engaged in sex, then enjoy it. Do not just lie there and wait for him to do everything. Wake up, grab it and tell what you want. The action starts!

5. Making love in the bedroom

This is horror. It is not only boring but also limited. Monotony kills the sex life. Use a kitchen table, bath, washing machine, car … be creative and any place can be perfect place to make love, go ahead!