5 Easy Tips And Tricks For Clavus Relief


A clavus is a skin thickening due to a sporadic pressure and external forces. As we all know, it can be pretty painful and inconvenient. It can even reduce our ability for walking. Clavus treatment should be focused at reducing its symptoms such as pain and discomfort with walking.

261936797_761833106a_b(1)Here are 5 easy things that will help you in the clavus healing process:

Armpit gel stick

Clavuses appear as a result of friction and moisture, especially while wearing new shoes. Apply little amount of the stick on clean and dry skin. It will reduce the friction of your feet from the shoes.


Patches are another good way to heal the clavuses on your feet or to prevent their occurrence in the first place, especially when wearing new shoes. If a clavus already appeared, beware how you apply the patch. Leave a small space between the wound and the gauze of the patch for free air transmission. Wounds heal better and faster when in contact with oxygen in the air.

Green tea

The green tea has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory characteristics because of which wounds heal faster. Boil a little amount of green tea and then add baking soda. Apply the mixture on clean gauze and place it at the spot where the clavus is.

Apple cider vinegar

Careful with this one, since your skin can hurt a little bit from the vinegar, but it is definitely worth trying because its antibacterial characteristics help preventing appearance of infection.

Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and apply the liquid on gauze. Then gently tab the wound with the gauze.

Castor oil

With this type of oil, the clavus will dry and cure faster. If you want to further accelerate the process, you can add a little apple cider vinegar in the amount of 2: 1.

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