8 Tricks How To Protect Yourself From Heat

The heat is everywhere, and you still need to work. How to beat the heat and you feel chilled? If you are still wearing jeans, tight clothing, synthetics, drink a lot of coffee and work with a laptop on your lap, it is time to learn a few tricks and enjoy the good side of summer.

heatHere are some more useful advice’s that will help you overcome the heat easier:

Remove your shoes, sneakers and other closed footwear

The sweat from your feet will evaporate and thus cools the skin and blood in the legs. Through the bloodstream, cold blood will circulate to other parts of the body.

Turn off the computer

If you are not on the computer more than 10 minutes, you can turn it off. Despite the advice of some experts, it is often advisable to turn on and off the computer; today’s computers have no problem with this. And do not use the laptop in your lap due to heating.

Air conditioner and fan should work together

Both cooling should work together. Air conditioners eliminate moisture from the air while the fan helps evaporation of sweat and removes hot air from you. Keep in mind that fans do not decrease the room temperature, but currently cool our body. Switch off before you leave the room.

Sprinkle with water

Keep sprayer with water in the refrigerator. When hot, sprinkle on your face. While the water evaporates it will cool you. Also sprinkle the feet and ankles, it’s good to cool the blood and it will move better through the veins.

Fan and bowl of ice

If it is hot, but not wet, use a shallow dish filled with ice and place it in front of the fan – Enjoy the cool wind. While the ice melts, the water will evaporate and cool you.

Hot, hot, hot

People who live in warm regions often eat hot dishes. Chili Peppers (hot peppers) contain capsaicin, a chemical that causes sweating. Due to the evaporation of sweat you will feel a short relief.

Water, water

To compensate for fluid during perspiration, drink water often. If you are dehydrated, your body temperature will rise, so that the water is needed for cooling. Avoid beverages containing alcohol, caffeine and sugar, since they will have contrary effects. In addition, eat foods rich in water, such as watermelon or soup.

Learn how to dress

Avoid synthetics. It is best if the sweat evaporates from the skin directly into the air. The second best option is that sweat is quickly absorbed from the skin to the clothes and then to evaporate.