Absinthe: Bitter Taste That Stimulates Bowel Movement


Absinthe or wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), is well known for its healing properties. The Latin name comes from the goddess Artemis, who gave it as present to women to give easier birth.

AbsintheHippocrates has prescribed Absinthe for pain, amnesia and rheumatism, and was listed as a remedy in all medieval medical books. Only in the 18th century it was banned due to abuse in narcotic purposes. However, we now know how beneficial to the organism it is in certain doses, which was confirmed by numerous official studies.

People with Crohn’s disease took it for 10 days, instead of steroids. Subsequently it was found that for many patients the steroids were no longer necessary, and quality of life was improved.

Absinthe is also one of the fastest acting drugs, for all the problems with digestion and bile, and strongly encourages the appetite. It has digestive properties due to bitterness from ingredient absinthian. It has long been known that taking bitter foods before a meal stimulates digestion and stimulates the production of bile and bowel movements. In addition it works against cramps in the stomach and intestines, chronic constipation, jaundice, heartburn and bad breath.

It is also used in high-temperature and malaria, even more effective than widespread quinine. Folk medicine recommends it against obesity and diabetes. In small quantities, stimulates the kidneys and bladder, and for women it is recommended for regulation of the menstrual cycle.

It can be taken as a powder, tincture, addition to wine and brandy, and the flagship product is Bitter liqueur. Roots and leaves are used in medicinal purposes, fresh or dried in the shade. It is used in strictly regulated doses, considering the fact that it is extremely bitter, it can be mixed with honey and lemon, or drank in the form of capsules.

Despite the healing properties it is not recommended in pregnancy, if there is a risk of stroke, as well as in case of damage of the stomach and other internal organs. It should not be taken simultaneously with iron supplementation, even in severe disease without consulting a doctor. Also, it is not recommended for use for more than seven days, even if there are no obstacles.