Acne On The Face Indicate Health Problems! How To Recognize Them?

According to this map, you can deal with the basic causes of defects or acne on the face, but also to start on time to treat any health problems.

FaceZone 1 and 2

Problems with the digestive system – Eat less processed and unhealthy foods, to reduce the amount of fat in your diet, drink more water and eat more cucumbers.

Zone 3

Liver problems – Reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, fats and dairy products. This is the area where allergies caused by food first appear, so be careful what you eat or do allergy test. In addition, recommended is daily physical activity for over 30 minutes and you should sleep 8 hours a day in order to recover the liver.

Zone 4 and 5

Kidney problems, if this is accompanied by eye circles, it definitely means dehydration. Drink more fluids!

Zone 6

Heart – Check blood pressure and levels of vitamin B. Reduce the consumption of spicy foods, meat and more often get out in the fresh air. Eat more nuts, avocados, fish, and flaxseed.

Zone 7 and 8

Kidney – Drink plenty of fluids! Stop consuming carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol.

Zone 9 and 10

Respiratory System – If you smoke, stop! This is your problem area! Avoid meats, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and sugar.

Zone 11 and 12

Hormones – This is the area responsible for stress and hormonal changes. You can reduce the effects by having more sleep and if you drink enough water, eating more leafy vegetables.

Zone 13

Stomach – Increase consumption of fiber, reduce the level of toxins from unhealthy diet by drinking more tea, especially green tea, which will also improve digestion and intestinal peristalsis.

Zone 14

This acne area is a sign that your body fights the bacteria to prevent disease. Take a break, go to yoga classes, sleep more and drink more water.