Air Conditioners – Beneficial And Harmful Sides

air conditioner

Air conditioning is frequently mentioned in the context of a number of health problems. Are these claims true? Sometimes the air conditioning was considered a luxury. Today it is unusual if you do not have them in your home or office.


Air Conditioners are part of our life. Unfortunately, excessive lowering of temperature and poor maintenance led to healthcare problems of breathing and body aches. Therefore we present benefits and risks of the use of air conditioning.


  • Extreme warm temperatures have a negative effect on mental and physical activity, and use of air conditioning can ease this.
  • Increases the feeling of comfort.
  • Increases productivity at work.
  • Can result in greater physical and mental activity.
  • Lower temperature reduces the risk of insects and parasites.
  • Lower temperature means less sweating and less risk of dehydration.
  • If the installation of the air conditioning is proper and maintenance is regular, it improves air quality.


  • Sudden change of temperature and humidity affect the airways.
  • Dries the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Creates noise.
  • Circulation of air can transmit infectious respiratory diseases.
  • Can exacerbate eye problems and lead to conjunctivitis.


  1. The air-conditioned area should be constantly ventilated.
  2. Installation and maintenance should be performed by expert person
  3. Room temperature should be between 21 to 25 degrees Celsius.
  4. The average humidity must be between 60 and 70%.