Alcohol Consumption And Its Consequences

Besides of the facts that it is legal and mass produced and ingested by people all over the world just a small amount of people really do understand all the consequences of alcohol consumption upon our health and our spirit.

In order for you to understand the spiritual consequences of consuming alcohol, you need to understand the meaning of the word alcohol and where it is derived from.

Well, it comes from Arabic which means “ body eating spirit “. According to the Middle Eastern culture, this world represented a demon who was thought to eat human bodies!

The best way for you to understand is by comparing the use of alcohol in alchemy and what it does to the body when consumed. In alchemy, alcohol is used to sterilize medicinal instruments or extract the essence out of the essential oils. Accordingly, when consumed in the body, the alcohol extracts our soul out of our bodies. This may be the most logical explanation of why people black out and don’t remember things after they got too much to drink. To be more specific this happens at the exact moment when our good soul leaves because of the great amount of alcohol which pollutes our bodies and organisms.

There is even this theory that when the good soul leaves your body, it becomes available for another entity to take over and even possess your body. Just think about our bodies like cars and the souls of the riders.

If this is hard for you to believe just search for it online and you will find numerous of stories by people and their experiences. Some of them even claim that they had spiritual visions because of alcohol consumption. In their visions, they were transported in observers in bars and clubs where they witnessed how people’s souls left their bodies because of the great discomfort of being in a polluted body. They even witnessed other entities who took over their bodies and used them to perform all different kinds of violent acts.

There are even people with an ability to perceive things beyond normal and to see a lot more things that people usually can. They all swear to have seen dark spirits hanging around people while having alcohol consumption. These people confirm this theory and explain that when one drank too much alcohol, their defense system and their soul is leaving them giving dark spirits place to come in. This is the main reason why most of the time we forget what we have done throughout the night or acted very strangely and not like ourselves.

Just think about it, how many times have you or someone you know become so intoxicated with alcohol that you forgot about who you truly are and behaved in unimaginable ways for yourself? Well, most of us have this kind of experiences and what would be the most logical explanation for it? Believe this or not, you should probably start controlling your alcohol consumption and never let your good soul leave your body.