An Incredible Story About Kesha’s Eating Disorder

Kesha has been really honest about her eating disorder and her story has inspired many which are going through the same thing.

In the past few years, the famous singer had a lot of difficulties and problems to deal with, yet she got through all of it and managed to become a true inspiration for the ones that are going through the same stuff.

In the Teen Vogue magazine she wrote a powerful essay where she explains how one should never give up and always strive to find happiness.

She explained how the most important part about getting over your eating disorder is to acknowledge its existence and talk to someone about it. Later you should ask for professional help and become aware of how bad the situation is or can get.

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Kesha also admitted how after the rehab and the treatments, she gained her confidence and her happiness back. She motivates and inspires others to stop paying attention to the bullying and all the fat shaming. She states how we need to start loving our bodies and souls in no matter what shape they are. One has to realize their self-worth in order to be invincible.

She also suggests that the social media is the one to blame for the way people feel, like they are not good enough. She believes that one should start doing more fun things and things that would make them feel more alive and empowered. Kesha says that we have to start focusing more on leading healthy lifestyles and less on what others think about us or if they approve of what we are.

In the end she states that fighting and dealing with your eating disorder is not an easy process and requires patience and motivation however the ending results and feelings are truly rewarding.