Aphrodisiac Foods That Will Increase Your Sexual Potency


People have always used various aphrodisiac foods to increase sexual potency. Examples are innumerable, and the list of the aphrodisiac foods contains everything, black pepper and basil, oysters and even peacock tongue.

basil tymeFor best homemade aphrodisiac foods are considered domestic parsley and celery, black and white onions and corn pie or polenta. Medicine today offers countless resources that can solve these problems.

On the Balkans still most famous is honey and nuts, with proved effects. Kamasutra proposes ram testicles cooked in sweet milk.

Folk recipe for full force is as follows:

Take 40 grams of basil leaf, 30 grams of thyme and parsley, and 20 grams of celery leaf and stir well. For one cup of this tea add half chopped onion. Pour hot water; add a teaspoon of honey and leave to stand for half an hour in the folded cup.