What Should You Eat To Avoid High Cholesterol?

Cholesterol Meter

Useful tips to avoid bad cholesterol. Here’s what each one of us should eat in order not to increase bad cholesterol level in blood.

wine and edamer

Sprinkle with nuts instead of bread cubes

Carbohydrates increase cholesterol levels. For healthy salad, replace bread cubes with nuts, which reduce the level of saturated fat.

Black wine instead of cocktails

Consume alcohol moderately, it can increase the “good” cholesterol. Do not drink cocktails or mixed fruit juices. Drink the red wine. For women maximum is one glass per day.

Edamer cheese and walnuts but no crackers and cheese

For snacks, do not eat crackers and cheese with high levels of saturated fat. Instead, eat nuts and Edamer cheese, low in saturated fat.

Vinegar and lemon juice

Season the salad only with vinegar or lemon juice.

Margarine instead of butter

One tablespoon of butter has more than seven grams of saturated fat. Replace the butter with vegetable origin spread. Instead of butter, use oil for cooking.

Ground turkey meat instead of ground beef

Turkey contains half the fat of beef and it is a good substitute in many dishes.

Chicken is good, but the fish is better

One of the best ways to lower cholesterol is to eat mostly fish. It contains very little fat and omega-3 fatty acids good for heart.

Popcorn instead of tortilla-chips

Tortilla chips are considered a healthy alternative to potato chips. Even healthier is popcorn with 80% less saturated fat.