Bathroom Mistakes You Don’t Even Know You Are Making

Bathroom Mistakes

There are a few common bathroom mistakes that can really affect your health and it is not just about bacteria and germs.

You might not even feel like doing this mistakes because you believe that you got everything under control when going to the bathroom because you have done it multiple times a day your whole life.

However, there are a few things you might be doing wrong and you need to be aware of them because they can give you the higher risk of irritation, illness and infection!

Following we have the 5 most commonly made bathroom mistakes and how to try and replace them with healthy habits:

  1. Over wiping yourself

Less is more when it comes to the wiping yourself and it is not just because you need to be more economic with your roll paper. The act of over wiping can damage and irritate your skin and even trigger an inflammation or itching. However, if you still need to wipe then you probably have some stomach problems and you should switch to wet wipes or just baby wipes because they are much softer and gentle.

  1. Sitting on the toilet for too long

Come on, we all do it, we all sit on the toilet for an hour and scroll down our Instagram feed but you should know that this is probably the worst of all the bathroom mistakes you are making. Sitting on the toilet for too long can give you hemorrhoids and you don’t want to get those incredibly painful swollen veins in your anus that bleed. If you need more time then you should get up and walk around in order to move around your intestines and then go back to the toilet seat, not just sit there for hours. You should also make sure you are consuming enough amount of fiber per day and drink a lot of water.

  1. Wiping in the wrong direction

Did you know that there is an actual right and wrong way of wiping yourself? Well, there really is and as soon as you master it the better. You need to always, no matter the situation wipe from front to back! IT is pretty logical why shouldn’t wipe from back to front because in that case you will bring all the bacteria at the front and increase the risks of the appearance of any urinary infection. Just take the wiping seriously and do it the right way.

  1. You are probably too clean out there

The last but not least in the list of bathroom mistakes is the fact that you are probably trying too hard to be clean down there. You don’t need to use every product on the market that smells like a flower just because your vagina doesn’t need extreme and deep cleaning as you might think. Trying too hard and using too many products can actually disrupt your PH value and even expose you to infection.

Be advised, be cautious and protect your health!