Battle With Cancer Is Won: Treatment With Pure Petroleum!


Lately, people are increasingly asking questions about the treatment with pure petroleum (medical kerosene) and miraculous natural refined petroleum from sources in Kruja, Albania, which supposedly cure all malignancies. Although there are a number of testimonies about petroleum, to these days it is wrapped in mystery.


What it is all about?

Pure petroleum (purified, distilled petroleum) cleanses the body very thoroughly. It serves for decontamination of the body, regeneration, healing of diseases and wounds.

It is not poisonous for people. Many cases testify that it can cure cancer, tumors, metastases, diseased prostate, diabetes, weakness, polio, rheumatism, gout, intestinal obstruction, leukemia, anemia, liver disease, gallbladder, intestines, digestive disorders and many other diseases or mitigate the sufferings.

Even in dogs and cats suffering from cancer, petroleum has been used with success.

In the book by Gennady Petrovich Malakhov “PETROLEUM TREATMENT” he writes that 100% purified petroleum is harmless and healing and that it is actually another name for kerosene. However, kerosene, which as we all know used as aviation fuel, must not be drunk because it contains antifreeze (since airplanes fly at high altitudes). This product is very toxic and therefore it should not be introduced into the human body. By distillation of petroleum, extracted are various poisons such as residues of petroleum and several heavy metals, so do not buy kerosene for lamps or kerosene fuel, but only 100% distilled petroleum because it is the only harmless type.

Malakhov writes in his book that 4 decilitres of non-distilled petroleum are lethal dose for a man while distilled petroleum would not be harmful other than diarrheal and vomiting.

Colourless and transparent petroleum is a guarantee that it is pure. Pure petroleum can be identified by the fact that it is visually indistinguishable from water. It looks completely transparent and if it is in the glass, there is no difference (apart from odor and taste) between petroleum and water. Kerosene which has added various additives and which are thus rendered useless for medical treatment has added variety of colours and on that way they can be distinguished most easily. So, if the petroleum is without colour, then it is probably safe for treatment. Be sure to check the chemical composition of petroleum that you take.

Petroleum from Kruja, Albania – “VAJGURI NATYROR”

Sources say that the current price of the original, naturally refined petroleum from Albanian sources near city of Kruja is around 100 Euros per litre.

Also, you can obtain the industrial, medical petroleum which is distilled with Government declaration that it is 100 % clean. It can be obtained in some herbal pharmacies in Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, at a cost of about 30 Euros per litre.


It depends on the severity and type of disease, although there are people who take petroleum only as prevention.

So you need petroleum from Albania or distilled from a well-stocked pharmacy – Latin “Oleum petrae album” G179 – pure petroleum with max. 0.001%  aroma and 185-225°C boiling point.

To start, you can begin with not completely full teaspoon, or if there are no problems, you can take a full teaspoon. If necessary, it can be taken twice a day. In the case of some diseases it is necessary to take tablespoonful because it is well absorbed in the stomach and to come in the intestines – required is presence of greater quantity of petroleum. For example, in case of Candida you need to take one tablespoon (equivalent to 3 teaspoons).

Petroleum should be taken on an empty stomach, because it floats and therefore, if there is food in the stomach, it will remain in the stomach.

Sometimes it can cause diarrhea. That’s good, because it shows that the bowel is clean. Do not prevent diarrhea, because it disrupts the process of purification, but rather reduce the dose.

For prevention: once in the year, for 42 consecutive days take 1 teaspoon. Take 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach, preferably one hour before breakfast for 6 weeks and then 8 weeks pause and then for another 4 weeks. If necessary, the treatment should be repeated once a year.

In the case of rheumatism take 3 times a day 1 teaspoon after meals once a day and also rub the painful places. Before application rub the cream in order not to dry out the skin.

For blood poisoning: 8 days teaspoon a day

Also, before going to sleep you can consume petroleum (usually 1 teaspoon), a few hours after light dinner, on a relatively empty stomach. This enables petroleum to work all night, without interference with much food. Take it for 2 months with 2 months break. It can be supplemented with a beneficial effect of chicory coffee that you can drink 3 to 4 cups a day, also for 2 months, but with only 2 weeks break.

Petroleum + chemotherapy: this combination is not recommended

It can also be spread and placed on the skin. In this case, it should be thinned with olive oil in ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 2 in favour of olive oil and then spread it on the problematic area, which is especially effective in the case of arthritis helping to eliminate the pain and kill pathogens. It can be used for sore throat also.

Duration of use of petroleum is mainly until the problem is solved, but you can then take it as prevention each year, and after each course of antibiotics, if you choose to take antibiotics.

It is extremely dangerous if it gets into the lungs, because it is able to “burn” the lungs. In the other hand, water in the lungs is also dangerous. You should avoid petroleum to get into the lungs, which can usually happen in case of vomiting (Herxheimer reaction) after swallowing of large amounts of petroleum.

Controversy and secrets

There are a number of things that can heal people, but we have quite a different picture for them, we consider them poisonous, or at best as something that is not at all wise to take as treatment. Although petroleum and its various derivatives are used in a several industrial processes, people are not aware that it is also used in pharmaceutical and medicine industry, and that despite the problems we had in the energy sector, the lack of petroleum would led to a whole series of other problems, from which medicine is certainly one industry that would really suffer from lack of petroleum.

Until the advent of the Internet, mysteriously disappeared dozens of scientists and doctors who were trying to prove that the distilled kerosene – petroleum is extremely effective in treating many types of malignant and other diseases. With Internet, this secret was discovered and there was no possibility to threat the doctors, but they started with huge pressure on petroleum factories in the world which shut down one after another.

The first one to speak about this in public was a German doctor Paula Canner who has devoted her life to the study of cancer and in one of her works presented the argument that anyone who drinks one teaspoon of petroleum during 12 days in a row will never develop cancer or leukemia.

Originally, the petroleum as a pharmaceutical product was largely in use to treat tuberculosis and psoriasis, but official medicine has never recognized its medicinal properties. It is particularly interesting that the first person in the world, who wrote about the healing properties of petroleum when it comes to malignant diseases, was Josif Pancic in his book “Omorika” after which the Serbs massively began to use petroleum for healing.

They, who survived thanks to petroleum, later received a reply that they were given the wrong diagnosis. During the First World War people were massively treated in Serbia only with petroleum because there were no other medicines. But no one wanted to talk aloud about its healing properties.

Dr. Paula Canner, who treated herself at the age of 31 with petroleum and cured the colon cancer that has spread to the kidneys, holds a record of more than 2,000 patients who were given new life thanks to petroleum which are completely cured of cancer. Despite the fact that she received serious threats after the publication of her works, Paula was not afraid, and thanks to her resistance, today petroleum is legalized in the treatment of cancer in Switzerland, France, Poland and Hungary.


Portal NS Reporter from Serbia came to a large number of people from Serbia who were completely cured of cancer thanks to petroleum, but among them there is invisible wall of fear and silence. It is assumed that this is because they do not want that their surrounding know about their disease, but also due to the fear of pharmaceutical lobbyists who for years silenced the truth in all ways. Still, some of them agreed to share their testimony with aim perhaps to save a life to somebody else.

Farudin Djeluli is well known restaurant owner from Novi Sad who claims he had a severe form of stomach cancer cured just with petroleum, which he proved by medical documentation.

Petroleum literally saved my life, without it, I would not be here with you – Farudin explains his life drama. – I felt a terrible pain in my stomach for months, starting from the end of 2008, but I did not go to doctor’s because I thought it would pass. When I could not eat anything, and when I came down to less than 50 kilograms, I realized that I was seriously ill and I went to see a doctor. Immediately I was told that I had cancer of the stomach, but I did not believe it. Later I went for the second, third opinion…but they all confirmed the same thing. In “Medlab” I got the histopathologic findings, signed by pathologist Professor. Dr. Istvan Klemi, stating that I have a malignant lymphoma of the stomach – malt type, and in Kamenica Clinic they said that I have 2 more months of life, but with proper treatment, which included surgery and chemotherapy they can prolong my life for three years. – Farudin Djeluli

Farudin thought that the end is near. He went to his native Macedonia to say good bye. Then in his village near Tetovo he learned of a woman who has suffered from cancer of the uterus.

She had metastases throughout the body, but she was cured by drinking petroleum that is sold in Kruja in Albania. Then they told me that ordinary petroleum that can be purchased in stores cannot help me, but only clean and refined, that is available only in a few European countries or in Kruja, Albania, the only location in the world where pure natural petroleum can  be found.  This woman helped me to get three bottles of that petroleum and I began to drink it every day. I decided not to come back to Novi Sad and to cancel treatment in Kamenica Clinic, so God help me.

Of course, it never occurred to me to take any medication that the doctors suggested but I was already drinking petroleum twice daily. The human character is to be sceptical. Never discuss serious illnesses, as if they are happening to someone else. I was looking in every morning as it was the last one for me. I never even felt that my health condition is improving day by day. I remember well, how I wake up one morning and wondered what was missing, and I realized that I do not have any pain and that after one year I can eat again. I looked at the calendar and saw that it was the thirtieth day from the first morning when I swallowed the first teaspoon of petroleum. I could not believe that I will live. The will to live and smile regained – Farudin said.

NS Reporter has thoroughly investigated this story, finding out and interviewing a large number of healed persons. As they found out, junior doctors refuse to recognize the healing properties of petroleum and consider it as charlatanism while older doctors have a completely different view. One of the nurses who spent her entire working life at the Institute of Oncology in Sremska Kamenica and will be retired in a few years as a Head nurse, agreed to tell us how they found out about the method of treatment with petroleum, in Sremska Kamenica Clinic.

I can freely say that cancer patients not using petroleum all died regardless of the method of treatment- shockingly said at the beginning of our conversation, woman who spent 40 years at the Institute of Kamenica watching and trying to help people suffering from severe illnesses. – It’s terrifying that this is so and that doctors are not allowed to talk about it, but it is the dark picture of the world in which we live. I remember well, when we first learned about it in 1978. I worked in the morning in infirmary when suddenly a Gipsy woman came, she was release in 1974 on the stretcher because, according to doctors’ estimates, she could not be helped anymore considering the fact that the breast cancer has metastasized to all the organs. When I saw her in good health at the door of the ambulance, I thought at first it was her twin sister, because I have good memory for faces and I remembered a young girl who came to the Institute in the early seventies in quite serious condition. But when she spoke and said: “Well sister, it was not my time to die” my legs were cut off.

I was staring in the patient. I could not say one word. The patient interrupted the uncomfortable silence saying that she would tell me the whole story some other time, because now she has no time. Her amazing story lasted from the afternoon until late at night.

I called then Head of Oncology prof. Dr. Dusan Petrovic and told him that patient with cancer was cured by petroleum. I expected that he will tell me that I am crazy and simpleminded, but I was disarmed by his understanding. He asked me to tell the young woman to come tomorrow and that he would sign everything. After that our former patient returned home to Odzaci with documents allowing her to be retired at the age of 30.

I stayed with the professor Petrovic in his office. He asked me not to discuss this case with anybody. Sometime in May, Professor Petrovic told me he heard on some Congress that the Russians in Siberia cure cancer patients with petroleum and immediately decided to spend his holiday in Siberia, studying alternative methods of treatment of this terrible disease.

When he returned, briefly he told me: “You have no idea where we live and what kind of world this is. While millions of people are dying in the worst pain, in Siberia patients suffering from malignant diseases are treated with petroleum with great success and only important thing is that the petroleum is 100 % pure. If we were doing it here, they will put us in a mental institution… Since then we have never suggested to any patient not to try alternative methods of treatment, but also we did not recommended petroleum.

As for the taste of pure petroleum (without aromatics), they say that it is extremely “herbal” and even tasty. The only flaw is – belching.

REMARK: This method is not recognized by conventional medical science. It is controversial and results and procedures are not scientifically confirmed. However, the testimonies of cured patients should be treated as subjective and individual explanations of the treatment and dosage. The (web site) and its representatives, agents, and employees cannot be hold responsible for any and all liability for the results of taking the medication or the manner in which the medication is given.  The term “kerosene” is used in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Kerosene is called “paraffin” in the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and South Africa, while in Germany and other parts of Central Europe it is called “light petroleum” and, medicinally, “petrolatum”.