Before And After Pictures Of A Drug Addict Represent The Heroin Effects

This woman just shared really shocking and almost unbelievable pictures of her while using drugs and 3 years later while completely drug-free.

The difference is amazing and in the same time the heroin effects are obvious.

She shared these pictures in order to inspire others in their recovery journeys, while in the same time sharing a message where she says that the journey may be hard but it is for sure worth it.

There is not at all resemblance between the two pictures. In the picture taken while she was on drugs there was a pale girl with no absolute life and energy in her face while on the other one there she was smiling, happy and healthy!

She also pointed out how bad the heroin effects on the human body are and that people that are addicted to drugs need to start rehabilitating their bodies as soon as possible and start leading healthier lives.

The first step of going to recovery she says is to ask for help and acknowledge your problem.

One can truly be helped and recover if one is ready and one wants to break it through and sees that their addiction is problem and it is ruining their lives.

1000 days free from heroin. from pics

On the post she got many responses of how inspiring she was and many people asked for advice on how to get through recovery and still manage to be as happy as she looks. People wanted to know how she got through the depression and started focusing on herself.

What this girl did, exposing herself and all the heroin effects on her so publicly helped others in so many ways. She inspired them to ask for help, make through their recovery and even inspired other people to share their stories and recovery journeys in order to help others going through the same things.