Best 9 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  1. Breakfast very often, unfortunately, is skipped, because we justify ourselves that we do not have time, because of the morning fuss, morning rush on the job. Justification is gone, we bring you a list of the easiest healthy morning meals.

healthy-breakfast1A healthy and nutritious breakfast, is best to be eaten In peace, during the break. But we are not all able to isolate ourselves and give us the needed time for our breakfast. That’s why we bring you 9 phenomenal meals, which you can eat them even while driving, walking or chase through the office door for the new meeting.

Fruit and cheese

A balanced breakfast, which easily and quickly you can prepare in the morning. Consists of 50 grams of Cheddar cheese, apple and some nuts, which are rich in protein.


Although it sounds very caloric, donuts are a better choice than the muffins, which usually has almost twice as many calories. With donut you can eat some almonds or dried fruit. Instead of coffee, drink low-fat chocolate milk.


Oatmeal with mild plain or fruit yogurt are easy, but healthy breakfast. To increase your energy eat raisins.


Of cereal or toast bread does not take too much time to prepare it and its sufficiently nutritious. In addition, eat some of your favorite vegetables.


Before going to work, take a few minutes to make your shake. You will need one package of vanilla sugar, cow or soy milk and fruit of your choice (strawberry, banana, raspberry).

Fresh fruit salad

Melons, apples, bananas, berries, oranges, … All this chopped, mixed and add lemon or lime. Tasty and healthy.

Vegetarian pizza

If you need a little “stronger” meal, it should not be from the greasy grill. Instead, choose healthy vegetarian pizza (of course – a small piece for you is enough).


Make a healthy sandwich – two slices of integral toast, a small filet of salmon, small leaf of low fat hard cheese and leaf of lettuce.


One hard-boiled egg, toast, milk spread and cup of milk. During the day, eat one piece of fruit or some drink with vitamin C.