Best Body Practice Against Headaches


Do you often suffer from intensive and unbearable headaches? It is found that those with stronger shoulder muscles suffer less from this unpleasant problem.

Care-for-HeadachesDanish scientist Bjarne Madsen showed that endurance exercises can prevent the occurrence of headaches. The research was performed at the Glostrup Research Center for Headache, examining 60 respondents who often suffered from headaches and 30 other subjects who didn’t have them.

Researchers measured the strength of their neck and shoulders muscles and it turned out that 26 % of the “stronger” people don’t have them at all. By strengthening these muscles it is more likely to reduce the frequency of pain in the head.

You might want to apply this simple exercise and to replace it with the headache pain relief drugs. Try doing plank exercise twice a day – in the morning and in the late afternoon. Or, you can try some simple push-ups.

This is especially important for those people who are doing daily office work and are constantly sitting on a chair. It is recommended to activate the muscles of the shoulders with daily push-ups. Take a small part of the day and do some push-ups. Problems will be significantly reduced.