The Best Chocolate Ever Has Arrived!

Best Chocolate

Which of the seven flavors would you eat first: Oreo, Fruit and Nut, Daim, Caramel, Wholenut, Turkish, Classic? New product of “Cadbury’s” shall resolve you from the “sweet torment” of deciding which type of chocolate to buy and eat.

CADBURY-SPECTACULAR-7-3-1940x1029Surely it happened to everyone to stand in front of the supermarket shelves full of different kinds of chocolate and you simply cannot decide what you want to buy.

Now there is a new product by “Cadbury’s” that will solve these “sweet torment”, combining the flavors of their seven most popular chocolates in one, great idea.

It was designed with the help of the food artist. The “Spectacular 7” limited edition contains parts with caramel, wholenut, fruits and nuts, Turkish paradise, oreo, almond and classic milk chocolate. Unfortunately, rare are those who will have the opportunity to taste it because it is manufactured in only 50 pieces.