Best Cure For Hangover


It is clear that the surest way to avoid hangover is not to drink but if you cannot adhere to it than do not drink too much!


Dehydration can be avoided, and to a certain extent we can do something for the stomach. If you visit places where society tolerates and even encourages some intense alcohol consumption, then you should take into account the following tips:

1. Before you go to the party, it is advisable to eat something. In such cases, it is permissible to eat something fatty and heavier meal which the body will slowly digest. In this way, we will preserve the lining of the stomach from irritation. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. We know that the hangover is stronger if the concentration of alcohol in blood is higher. Therefore, we recommend drinking alcoholic beverages on a full stomach.

2. Glass of milk has a positive effect, as it reduces the rate of absorption of alcohol in the body. Maybe this looks ridiculous but many have tried and found to have a good effect.

3. On the parties, drink only one type of drink, preferably straight and natural (white wine). Avoid drinking strong liquors because they cause bad hangover. Protocol obligation to drink liquor before the meal is harmful and should be avoided. The wine is also a good appetizer like any other drink. So, during the whole evening drink the same kind of alcoholic beverage and don’t change because, in this case, the hangover will be harder!

4. Never drink fast, but gradually. Sip your drink and make longer pauses between two glasses. Drinking ‘bottoms up” which is in fashion at parties, only speeds up drunkenness.

5. It is important to eat several times during the evening and not only to drink! Eat something between the sips of drinks. You’ll see how the next day you will feel much better (than in the past in similar situations).

6. After glass of alcohol, drink a glass of water or natural juice. This will prevent drying out of the body and side effects that can occur during the hangover. The water or juice will make up the liquid in the body, which was lost due to alcohol consumption. Soda should be avoided, because it accelerates the absorption of alcohol into the blood.

7. In the morning when you decide it is time to go home, it is necessary to eat something again and finish the party or celebration with the meal.

8. After the party, it is advisable to take a walk and drink a glass of water or fruit juice with lots of vitamin C.