Best Diet: Grains Before And Meat After Training

If you want that regular training has effect, you have to watch what you eat. Two hours before exercise you should take a light meal of complex carbohydrates, which will gradually release energy during the exercise.

DietThe only correct way to lose weight and tighten the body and not to endanger the health is a combination of proper diet and exercise. In order to achieve the desired results, it is important to know what to eat before and after the training.

The formula for the correct diet is simple – Two hours prior to training you should take a light meal consisting of complex carbohydrates, which will gradually release energy during exercise. Those who regularly practice should respect the following rules:

Three hours before exercise: A meal needs to contain less than 500 calories and should consist mainly of carbohydrates. Foods that produce gases, such as legumes (especially beans, cauliflower and broccoli) should be avoided prior to intense physical activity, because they cause digestive problems and hinder the training.

Half an hour before training: Optimal snack before exercise should contain carbohydrates in the amount of 40 to 100 g and a small amount of fat, as well as to be easily digestible. Also, avoid foods that contain a lot of fiber, because it is usually difficult to digest.

15 minutes before workout: If you have not eaten anything for a long time, and your exercise starts in a short time, eat food containing easily digestible carbohydrates. These are usually simple sugars, which do not contain a lot of fiber and are quickly digested and provide the body the necessary energy for the muscles.

After hard completed training, the muscles are tired; your blood sugar level is falling drastically. In order to re-launch muscle building (anabolic process) it is necessary to enter the right nutritional elements, and it is good combination of white meat or fish in combination with carbohydrates with low glycemic index, such as green vegetables. The meal, which is a combination of vegetables, whole grains and proteins are the best source of essential nutrients.

Before training:

  • Integral pasta with tomato sauce
  • Bananas sprinkled with cinnamon
  • Toast of whole grains with jam without sugar
  • Shake with yogurt, fruit and oatmeal

After training:

  • Grilled chicken and vegetables
  • Omelet with vegetables and avocado
  • Salmon
  • Fish soup with vegetables

Diet Sample

Breakfast: Oatmeal with walnuts and raisins: 50 g of raw oats, 1 cup of oat milk, 1 teaspoon of raisins, 3 chopped walnuts; Ness Coffee.

Snack: 1 apple.

Lunch: A plate of clear chicken soup; Cooked chicken (200 g) with boiled carrots and boiled potatoes on olive oil; Salad – grated carrots.

Snack: A couple of dry biscuits (unsalted crackers); Yogurt with probiotics.

Dinner: Fish soup with a teaspoon of olive oil, hake (200 g) or other types of lean fish boiled with potatoes (150 g), all seasoned with a little olive oil; A slice of corn bread.