How And When Is The Best To Eat Fruits


Fruits play a huge role in detoxification of the body, because it supplies a large amount of energy which is necessary for daily activities, but also for weight loss. We all think eating fruits means to peel the skin, cut it into pieces and put in the mouth. However, it is not so easy. It is important to know how and when to eat fruit.

Fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach, not after eating. If you eat two slices of bread and then a piece of fruit, the fruit, due to rapid degradability and a lot of water that contains is ready to “pass” straight through the stomach into the intestines, but previously entered meal prevents this.

Fruit comes into contact with food in the stomach, and the whole mass of such food begins to spoil. Lunch ferments and turns to acid.

How many times have you felt that you want to belch after only two pieces of watermelon you wanted as refreshment after lunch or dinner or have sensed that intestines suddenly begin to work when you eat a banana in the same situation? This will not happen if you eat fruit on an empty stomach.

Fruit mixed with other foods can cause rotting and produce gas and thus often we feel bloated stomach, except when we eat citrus fruits with many acids as oranges and lemons.

Which is better, fruit juice or fresh fruit?

It is best to drink only fresh fruit juice. It is not good to eat cooked fruit or compotes because cooking destroys all the vitamins. Eating fresh fruit is better than drinking juice. If you want to refresh yourself with juice, it is best to drink it slowly – sip by sip!