Best Foods For Better Sex


There are many types of food that increases libido when consumed, and we recommend some of them if you want longer and better sex. This is simple list of the best 5 food for better sex.

eating banana


If you want sex to last longer, then prepare for foreplay by eating a banana. Bananas are great for increasing endurance in the bedroom. They contain vitamin B, which is needed for the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. Some experts argue that bananas help the production of hormones, such as testosterone.

Dark chocolate

Research showed that women who eat dark chocolate every day have more satisfying sexual life. Dark chocolate causes the production of endorphins which improves your mood. If you are afraid that chocolate will influence your weight, eat just a few blocks after dinner, but do not overdo it.


Give your partner a few celery sticks and suddenly you will be surprised how attractive he will become. Raw celery contains the male hormone – androsterone that attracts women. Only a few bites of this vegetable and his body will begin to emit pheromones. If you do not feel in the mood try some celery. It improves mood in women.


This powerful root stimulates blood circulation and thus a greater amount of blood is circulating to the genitals. Inhaling the scent of ginger helps more in increasing the stream of blood to the genitals than eating ginger.


Contains simple carbohydrates that supply energy and feed the muscles. It also contains vitamin B, which is required for the production of testosterone.