What Is The Best Time To Drink Coffee?

Many people drink coffee early in the morning on empty stomach. It is not good to do that immediately in the morning, as this damages the body.

Many people think that the best time to drink coffee is immediately after waking up early in the morning. Many people even before speaking to someone want to drink a cup of their favorite morning beverage.


However, scientists on the YouTube channel “Asap SCIENCE” claim otherwise. Following the biological rhythm during the day, concluded that the best time to drink coffee is at 9 AM or later.

The human body undergoes a 24-hour cycles, and one of them is the level of vigilance, which is affected by the hormone cortisol. The higher the level we are more awake. In morning hours it reaches its maximum between 8 and 9 o’clock.

Many people drink coffee at 8 AM and it’s not good, because at that point we are most awake and we only put further pressure to our body and we create addictive habit which is harmful to our body.