3. Countertop Roaster

A turkey cooked in a countertop roaster is similar to one roasted in the oven, although you’ll lose less moisture because of the relatively small air space within the roaster. An 18-quart roaster will hold a turkey of up to 22 pounds, and roast the bird in about the same time as a conventional oven.Countertop Roaster


Roaster manufacturer Nesco recommends preheating to 400º F, then starting the bird at that temperature for the first hour. Reduce the temperature to 350º F for the remainder of your cooking time, 15 to 20 minutes per pound.


  • Oven stays free for other dishes
  • Lots of drippings for gravy
  • Bird stays moist unless badly overcooked


  • Less browning than oven roasting
  • Roasters are bulky, and can cut into your countertop prep space

Potential Costs

  • Countertop roaster: $49.95 and up