Beware When You Are On The Beach!

Bacteria and parasites can cause dangerous diseases if you are not careful enough, and they can be found even in clear sea waters. 

sun 4Here are some dangers when you’re on the beach:

Food poisoning

Staphylococcus is rapidly developing in mayonnaise if kept at inappropriate place or temperature. For one hour the bacteria may invade the food and in period of 4 hours you can feel the symptoms – diarrhea, vomiting etc. If you bring food to the beach, it should always be well protected preferably in portable refrigerator. If you bring meat to grill, cook it longer than usual.

Unprotected hands and feet

You can be infected from feces of stray dogs with a dangerous infection that is manifested by itching and blistering, and there is also a great danger of hepatitis B or HIV. Although medical waste is rarely found on beaches you should be careful of that too. HIV risk is small, only if you step on needle, the virus can not survive very long on the air.

Contaminated water

Swallowing water during swimming can be harmful for your health because of Escherichia coli level. The water is regularly tested and all swimmers must be informed about safety and water quality. When collecting shells, keep in mind what are you bringing home with them: insects, bacteria, viruses and even oil residues.


On the beach you should take care of children as well as at home. Kids love to share toys, clothes and food with other children. But at the beach all these things should be personal and not shared with others. When you return home, wash all the clothes and accessories you carried on the beach.

Sand traps

It can be great fun on the beach to cover somebody with sand, but there is life hazard. The sand can very easily turn into a trap from which is difficult to escape and because of the pressure, chest can rupture and breathing can stop.