Blueberries: The Illness Fighter

Blueberries are fruits rich in vitamins C and E, they are good antioxidants and are rich in fiber. New research shows that this fruit contain Pterostilbene chemical that helps prevent colon cancer.

9404882790_7a906c3820_bBlueberries are fruits richest in antioxidants, substances that neutralize free radicals, slow down the process of aging and cell damage.

Phyto nutrients that they contain beside for its antioxidant power are famous for strong anti inflammatory activity.

A recent study showed that they are excellent in combat with excess kilograms. They have the power of fast fat burning in the body and change the way the digestion of fats and sugars in our body.

It is known that fat in the abdomen is associated with the formation of conditions for heart disease and diabetes, although these experiments were conducted on rats, researchers believe that blueberries may have a positive influence on people too.

This fruit is especially recommended for women because they reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.