Broccoli Protects Against Cancer


Chemical ingredients of broccoli defend the body against cancer and heart disease. Broccoli is the elixir of life, confirms the British Research Institute for Food Norwich.

Daily consumption of broccoli, improves the work of mitochondria, which gives the energy to the body. By damaging them, body is susceptible to diseases associated with aging, and this vegetable prevents it.

They has a bit stronger flavor compared with cauliflower. In diet it can be used in different ways, raw, boiled or just as a spice. Interestingly, cooked are more healthy than fresh.

Apart of abundance in fiber, they are very rich of vitamins, especially A and C, and confirmed is the presence of minerals, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It contains carbohydrates, folic acid and phosphorus. Because it contains few calories and very useful ingredients, it is recommended as diet food. It is also advantageous in the diet of pregnant women.