Broccoli – All Vitamins At One Place


Broccoli is a vegetable that can be eaten in different ways and which gives strength and energy to the body throughout the day. It has more discrete taste than other types of cabbage where it belongs.

broccoli1Broccoli has a bit stronger flavor compared with cauliflower. In diet it can be used in different ways, raw, boiled or just as a spice. Interestingly, cooked are more healthy than fresh.

Apart of abundance in fiber, they are very rich of vitamins, especially A and C, and confirmed is the presence of minerals, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It contains carbohydrates, folic acid and phosphorus. Because it contains few calories and very useful ingredients, it is recommended as diet food, but it is also advantageous in the diet of pregnant women.

Fresh broccoli can be stored up to a week in an open plastic container in the refrigerator. Before you put in the refrigerator you should not wash it, because water affects broccoli to lose freshness and quality. It is served shortly cooked and it the best and healthiest when it is sprinkled with oil, sesame, olive oil and lemon juice.