Can Junk Food be Better than Organic!?

When all the time you think of consuming salads and organic food it can satisfy your desire to eat something not so healthy. The latest research showed that it is much easier to order French fries although the menu contains healthier options too.


A survey has concluded that unhealthy food always have advantage to be chosen from the menu before the healthy option. The survey showed that 37% of respondents would rather have cheeseburger with bacon from the same menu containing the vegetarian burger.

Also, very interesting fact was that most people who are taking care of consuming healthy food would probably first choose unhealthy one. Many respondents believe that the mere thought of a healthy diet meets their goal.

In that same study found were few evidences to suggest a greater risk to human health in consumption of conventional food compared to organic.

The risk of contamination with pesticides was 30% lower for organic products, although they were not necessarily completely free of pesticides. Also, the probability of finding bacteria in poultry and pig meat is equivalent in conventional and organic grown meat.