Celebrities Who Used To Work In The Fast Food

Many people currently work at the fast food industry, most of them teenagers who are taking their first job and maybe one day they are going to have prospective careers which is a case of many today’s successful famous people who have been in this business at some period of their lives, and they aren’t ashamed to say it.


Pink is taking every single job seriously, from her singing concerts with acrobatic performances to her dedication in the past with her first job. Pinks started to work very early, when she was only 14 years old. While singing in the clubs she used to work in McDonald’s to earn some extra cash. She hates that period of her life, when she had to work in the fast food business for more money, but she is also happy because she left that period behind her. Now she is very successful in her singing career, with more than 50 music awards.


The tough time for Jason Lee was in his young age, long time before he become a famous. Because of the difficult period he had in that time, he used to work for Taco Bell. He got some important lessons from this job, which he used in his acting career later. Jason lee is well known by the TV Show “My Name is Earl” and by the movie “Kevin Smith”.


Queen Latifah is one of this famous people who start to worked in the fast food business. When she was only 15 years old and she needs some extra cash in that time she decided to start working at Burger King. Here was her first job and she started together with her brother. She explained the whole story at the Parade Magazine. As she said, every Saturday, after the night shift, she was going to hip hop class. Recently, she went back in the fast food industry by opening a Fatburger restaurant in Miami.


Teen girl Eva Longoria used to go in high school in the early 1990’s and in the same time used to take her first job at Wendy’s, and she was doing this for whole three years. After this job she graduated in kinesiology and took her Bachelor degree. This job brought her positive experience. After becoming famous she helped raise money for charity in 2008 by serving food at her local high school.


This girl, Rachel McAdams worked whole three years at McDonald’s in Canada. Once she said that she doesn’t know why her boss didn’t fire her because the only thing she did was greeting the customers with her friendly voice. She also admitted that she is very slow worker, and she didn’t pay attention on the growing lines.


The worst and the funniest job in the fast food industry that was done by a famous person goes to Brad Pitt who worked dressed as a chicken. In the past, he worked at “El Pollo Loco” dressed as a chicken which is trying to draw customers into the restaurant. He desperately needs this job because he has to pay the bills. In the same time, in 1980’s, he had to pursue with his career as an actor after dropping out of a Californian college.


On the top of the list here is Barack Obama who worked at a popular ice cream restaurant “Baskin-Robbins”. This restaurant has a significant and special place in his life not only that this was his first job, but also special because Barack Obama and his wife Michelle has their first kiss here.