Cheese Lovers Have Better Sex Life!


Researchers at the Danish University of Arhus have concluded that those who love and eat cheese in large quantities have a better sex life than those who avoid it, and they have a longer life.

sex lifeCheese lovers have a better sex life than those who do not consume cheese, showed results of the research conducted by the Danish University. The research included 4,600 respondents, finding that 32% of “Cheese lovers” have sex at least six times a week, while 27 % of those who do not eat cheese cannot reach the same effect.

It turned out that the cheese lovers are more generous and practice extreme sports. Danes claim that the French live healthy and long just because they love cheese and and eat it in large amounts. They have a lower rate of cardiovascular diseases and longer life expectancy, because annually they consume 23.9 kg. of cheese per person.

On the other hand, Brits annually consume 11.6 kg of cheese, but have twice the cardiovascular disease and live at least one year shorter.