Chocolate “Cures” The Cough


Chocolate may be the cure for persistent cough, recent research shows. Scientists found ingredients in cocoa that are known to mitigate the symptoms of acute and chronic cough.


About 300 people with persistent cough participated in a clinical experiment, receiving natural chemicals theobromine obtained from cocoa, twice a day for two weeks and 60 % of patients reported some degree of improvement of health. However, scientists warn that cocoa is not a panacea, because the symptoms returned immediately after treatment.

Previous study of the heart and lungs showed that theobromine blocks the activity of sensory nerves, which means that paralyzes cough reflex. It is even more efficient than codeine, which is widely used in the treatment of this condition.

In the latest study participants received a dose of 1,000 milligrams of theobromine.

This is ingredient of non sweetened dark chocolate in an amount of about 16 mg for each gram of the product, sweet dark chocolate 5 mg per gram and in milk chocolate 2 mg per gram.