Where Is Clitoris, It Can Come To An Erect State!?


Are you sure you know exactly what a clitoris is? It is probable that for a lot of these things you haven’t even heard of…


Did you know that the clitoris one fairly large and complex organ? What most people know about it is just the “tip of the iceberg,” the greater part of the organ is actually hidden under the skin.

History and anatomy show that up until the mid-19th century, very little has been known about the clitoris. In most of the books from that period, it’s just being mentioned. From that period begins the saga, but it continues still being a secret which remains to be fully elucidated.

Even Freud had a theory that stimulation of the clitoris is a reflection of sexual immaturity and not erotic sexuality. This theory has now been refuted, but this organ remains a mystery.

All this mystery is connected with the idea that women do not experience pleasure from sex, but do it for the sake of reproduction – an idea that binds to the patriarchal social repression.

New research and empowerment of women threw light on this female organ. But the explanations are still insufficient and mostly relate to the external part of it.

Where is it?

Clitoris is located at the merging of small and large vaginal lip, above the bladder, actually here is the tip of the clitoris which is covered with mucous membrane. This is an external part of the clitoris.

The body is on average around 2 to 4cm long, and 1 to 2cm wide. From there it divides into two branches that stretch 5 to 9 cm.

Interwoven with a dense network of blood vessels, and like the penis, it can come to a state of erection, and has twice as many nerve endings than the penis. This means that female pleasure in sex may be twice as stronger than that of men.

Another significant difference between the clitoris and the penis is that this small part of the female genitals has no other function other than serving for pleasure. Another mystery of nature.