Coconut Oil Uses And Benefits Are Amazing, But Only If You Buy The Right Kind: Here’s What To Look For

coconut oil uses and benefits

Coconut oil uses and benefits are really astonishing when it comes to using it in the kitchen or replacing your beauty products with it.

Yet, if you decide to use this oil it is just as important to find the right and real coconut oil.

There are several choices and you need to be aware of each one.

  1. Extra Virgin oil

Even though this extra virgin oil means the best oil when it comes to olive oil, in  the coconut oil this is not the case. The reason for this believe is the fact that with the cold-pressing of the oil many of the antioxidants contained are not preserved very well.

  1. Organic unrefined coconut oil

This is the type of oil you need to look for and the type of oil you need to use if you want to get the best of it. IT is this oil that is considered the gold standard when it comes to coconut oil. It is more expensive because of the way it is produced and all the great properties and benefits of the oil are protected and preserved. It has very high antioxidants levels and for sure is the best choice among them all.

  1. Refined coconut oils

These oils don’t have any smell or taste. In order to be made this oil went through a lot of procedures and many of the most important properties and benefits are lost.

  1. Fractionated coconut oil

This kind of oil is higher in brain boosting fats even though it doesn’t contain many other great properties. You can notice it from the other ones because it doesn’t go solid below 76 degrees.

If you are worried about which one to use you need firstly to realize which coconut oil uses and benefits you want to experience or what do you need the oil for?

If you need this oil your internal use it is for the best to find and bye organic unrefined coconut oil and don’t take risks.

When it comes to external use the fractionated and even the refined coconut oils can be of a great benefit.

The organic unrefined oil is proven to be extremely beneficial to pregnant women and babies. It can be used for irritation of the diapers. It can help in  easing the pain if a kid has ear infection. It can help a lot in avoiding the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Or just simply use it as a massage oil for your newborn.

There are also many natural homemade remedies with coconut oil which are good for people to know. For example you can treat and heal sunburns with this oil. OR you can treat acne and other facial problems. It is very interesting the fact that it can reduce the itching of a mosquito bite. It can help a lot with heavy allergy symptoms. And what is even more important it can increase mental alertness.

All in all, the coconut oil uses and benefits are astonishing and they are so many. GO and by your organic unrefined coconut oil immediately!

Thank you for reading.

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