Coffee in a Waffle Cone


What’s the only thing that would make your favorite cup of espresso or macchiato better? If that cup were an edible waffle cone triple – dipped in chocolate, of course. Have you always wanted to drink coffee out of a waffle cone? Your answer is probably “yes,” because why wouldn’t you want to combine three of the best things in life – coffee, ice cream cones, and chocolate?


Hailing from ‘The Grind Coffee’ Company in Johannesburg, South Africa, coffee in a cone is the latest food trend and for good reason. After the success of New York’s Cronut, Los Angeles is laying claim to its own sweet-toothed wonder: the edible coffee cup.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen from Los Angeles has started selling espresso and macchiato served in 4-ounce waffle cups triple-coated with chocolate. There are four different types of chocolate that coat the inside of the cone, including a white chocolate drizzle. You have to drink it within 10 minutes to avoid melting.

We recommend getting the macchiato in there because when the espresso melts the chocolate, it makes a baby mocha.

Let’s get a closer look at this ingenious hybrid

People love them, adore them, they’re kind of like a pick-me-up, a little snack with espresso in there. They aren’t listed on the official menu and customers must know to order the “Alfred cone,” since the treat is on a now not-so-secret menu.

Because the only thing better than a chocolate dipped waffle cone filled with coffee is a secret chocolate-dipped waffle cone filled with coffee. An espresso costs $8 and a macchiato costs $9.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving (16 fl oz)

Calories 400

Total Fat 15g (23% of Daily Value)

Cholesterol 55mg (18%)

Total Carbohydrate 62g (21%)

Protein 4g

Vitamin A 0.2%

Caffeine 80mg

Better than an ice-cream date? We think so.