The Most Common Causes Of Our Headaches

If you are one of those who has never had a headache in your life, you do not have to read anything further.

But the rest know very well that the headaches can often be a major problem in a daily normal functioning. And of course, there are medications that can sometimes help, but the best strategy is to try to prevent their occurrence.

Dehydration – This is the most common cause of a headache. Your body contains more than 60% water and therefore needs large quantities of water to maintain that percentage. To avoid the headaches of this kind, adults should drink from 8 to 10 cups a day. Just keep in mind that not all liquids help, the coffee and the soft drinks have an opposite effect.

Painkillers – Ironically, but true. Half of these chronic headaches occur as a “kickback” caused by the overdose of these medicines.

Caffeine – Although the caffeine often helps with the headaches, the overuse of the caffeine, in this case, can lead to the opposite effect. There is also a danger of a cancellation effect. If you suddenly stop drinking coffee, you will have a headache until your body becomes accustomed to the lack of daily intake.

Stress – Headaches accompanied by tension in the head, which arising from physical or emotional stress. The reason for one of the most common types of physical stress is the long uninterrupted sitting in front of the computer. To avoid this kind of headaches, try to get up every half an hour, stretch out nicely and look in a distance. The emotional stress is not so easy to eliminate.

Sinuses – Dry or blocked sinuses can cause a frequent headache. They are followed by deep and constant pain in the chest, forehead and around the nose. The pain increases if you make a sharp movement with your head. To reduce these headaches, boil a water in the pot, stand over it and inhale steam for several minutes. Cover the head with a blanket or tablecloth to limit the movement of the steam. If you use this “therapy” on a daily basis, you will see some positive results in a short time.

Low blood sugar – This imbalance can be quickly and easily corrected by protein intake.

Certain foods – The peanuts, chocolate and the red wine contain amino acid thiamine, which often causes a headache. Also avoid eating foods that contain some nitrates such as ham, even the sausages or hot dog. Milk and some cereal products in rare situations can be also the cause of a headache.

Changing time or altitude – Changes in time as the sudden drop in barometric pressure often cause a headache. Even a visit to a city that is at a different altitude than the one in which you were previously, could have the same effect.

Hormones – The estrogens and progesterone affect to the brain chemicals that are associated with headaches. High levels of estrogen can help with some headaches, but the lower level has a completely opposite effect.

Exposure to smoking – The smoke from cigarettes often causes a headache. Try to avoid the smoking rooms. If you do not have this opportunity, always have a menthol candy at your pocket, at least for a moment they will neutralize the impact of smoke.