Dark Chocolate – Guardian Of Our Health

Unlike ordinary milk chocolate, which is rich in sugars and low in antioxidants, dark chocolate is a real source of antioxidants.

4447648744_ee0aea6890_bHere are the main benefits of dark chocolate:

Protects the skin from aging

The research published in the “Journal of Nutrition” found that individuals who regularly consume it have softer, black skin, 25% fewer red blushes after sun exposure and their skin longer retains its moisture. Also, with this chocolate you can prevent discoloration that occurs with aging.

Guards the heart and reduces bad cholesterol

Dark chocolate can also reduce blood pressure and improve the condition of blood vessels; it is also responsible for reducing the bad cholesterol, while increasing the level of good cholesterol.

It reduces stress

Many studies show that this type of chocolate can lead to a reduction of anxiety and stress.