Depilation For Men Becoming More Popular

Depilation for Men

Although depilation of the legs in women is not strange today, waxing for men is seen as something unnatural. However, amazing is the fact that many men are waxing their intimate zone.Depilation for Men

A growing number of men devote lots of time to beauty and body care. No longer are only the women who stand for hours in front of the mirror and make their hairstyle for hours.

In fact, it seems that this wave included a large number of men, and among the most recent data is that waxing of private parts in the stronger sex reached its zenith.

According to one survey conducted by the English Federation for skin health, 31 % of men practice depilation of the intimate zone, and nearly 10 % admitted that they have no problem waxing the buttocks.

Organized and well cared eyebrows are important to 29 % of men and 20 % of respondents admitted that they are waxing the chest.

However, on the other hand, only 29 % of men remain consistent with the nature and refusing to wax any part of the body.