Did You Know What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

Smoking is probably the un-healthiest thing a man can choose to do to himself and to his health. It is a deadly habit and everyone that does smoke, need to consider stopping doing it.

But, how many of you know what happens when you stop smoking? What happens in your brain and with your body?
Well of course, everything about you gets better, from your head to your toes. With the seconds after your last cigarette your healing process has begun and your blood pressure gets to normal. You can even feel your pulse drop to normal. So there is no actual dilemma of what happens when you stop smoking because the answer is very clear. You get healthy and you are healing.

Since after the day one after you stopped smoking your body and organism gets back to normal. This means that the level of carbon monoxide gets to normal in your blood and the level of oxygen rises back to normal. Also, after the first day of not smoking, the chances of experiencing a heart stroke are decreased. Doesn’t it feel good?

What is even better is the fact that after the two days of not smoking you start regaining your senses. This actually means that the senses of smell and taste are enhanced and all of your nerves are starting to regrow. It will be then when you will see and smell the world better. You will start enjoying your up-following experiences more. After the two weeks are gone you will start getting your legs back. Like literally. You will walk lighter and feel a lot better because your circulation will improve a lot! Can you believe that your lung function will increase even up to 30 percent?! Well, that is what happens when you stop smoking and is amazing.

The following year of never smoking again will feel like you were reborn. Your overall health and your body’s overall energy will increase and you will feel invincible. You may notice that your coughing has increased but don’t worry, this means that your lungs clean themselves out. Such reactions will help you protect your organism for any dangerous infections. With deciding to quit smoking, you have actually saved your life. Your risk of having a heart disease will lower a lot and you will feel better than ever.

The risk of having any type of cancer will be lower than it was when you were a smoker. You will start breathing better and your lungs will be healthier than ever! After that one year you will be in delusion of why you ever smoked anyway but that will never turn back the clock because if you were an average smoker and you smoked for over 10 years than you probably have done a lot of damage to yourself.

However all that what happens when you stop smoking is of course amazing and great for your health and you need to do it as soon as possible!

Thank you for reading.

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