Don’t Throw The Fruit Peel – It’s Full Of Vitamins

fruit peel

Fruit is healthy and therefore its potential should be use to the maximum. So, do not throw the fruit peel, it is very useful.

fruit peel1


Orange peel contains 4 times more fiber than its fruit, and large percentage of nobiletin and tangeretin – flavonoids that have anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effect. One study found that these ingredients successfully reduce levels of bad cholesterol.

How to use it: Use every opportunity to grate orange peel in fresh salads or dishes from green peas or asparagus. For dessert, scrap the white part of the oranges peel and chop the orange part in thin strips than cook it shortly and add it into sugar syrup and pour them with melted dark chocolate.


In the watermelon peel, more precisely, in its white part there is a significant amount of citrulline, an amino acid which dilates blood vessels and thus stimulates circulation.

How to use it: Put in blender cubes of watermelon and chopped white part of the peel and add some lime juice and sugar- you get Agua fresca, refreshing Mexican drink. Fill a glass with ice, pour in the Agua fresca, garnish with a mint sprig, and serve.


The onion peel is an extremely important source of flavonoids, especially the powerful antioxidant Quercetin. This compound acts anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, reduces bad cholesterol and blood pressure and relieves depression.

How to use it: Add the skins of onions in soups and broth and this will provide a more intense flavor and attractive color.