Dozens Of Women Were Impregnated By The Head Of The Fertility Clinic

Can you believe that the head of a fertility clinic have impregnated dozens of women with his own sperm? Well he did. And the women didn’t know anything about it. Now, they and their children are going to court in order to get permission for carrying out paternity tests.

This sperm bank boss used his own samples to impregnate them through the very famous IVF treatment. However the boss, who is in the same time the doctor of this clinic has sadly died last month.

The women who have been impregnated in that particular clinic have noticed that all of their children have very strong similarities to the doctor and between themselves, and it is then when they started doubting about what the doctor did. They also started investigating and compared their children’s features to the donors they have officially chosen and they noticed that there are no visible similarities.

One of the women even stated that the doctor himself once admitted what he was doing and explained that he actually thought how what he did was very noble and generous of his side because of his good health and incredible intelligence.

In the court these women explained how they feel like they have been raped by this doctor who did this consciously and without letting them know.

In the end of the day all the impregnated women just wanted to know if this is true in order for them to explain to their children because it is a fundamental right for everyone to know where they came from.

On the other hand, the closest ones in the doctor’s family neglect all of these women’s sayings and they ask for the public to respect their privacy and let the doctor rest in peace.

All in all, one should be very cautious when planning to get impregnated.