Eat Eggs For Better Health


Despite the belief that eggs are harmful to health, US scientists have confirmed that they have a beneficial effect on patients with metabolic syndrome – a disease that leads to cardiovascular problems.

eggsParticipants in one survey consumed three eggs per day or an equivalent replacement in yolk. After 12 weeks in the representatives of the first group, the scientists found increased levels of good cholesterol (HDL). It helps to purify the body from fat and does not allow them to assemble at the walls of blood vessels.

Second research shows that the eggs decrease inflammation in the body, characteristic for people with metabolic syndrome. Scientists have found that they are an ideal breakfast, regulating the long-term hunger and provide the necessary energy for teenagers.

Many people avoid them because they contain cholesterol, but studies show that there is no need for any concern. Cholesterol which is found in them is less dangerous than fat in junk food.