Elderberry – Unique Prescription For Treatment Of Cancer

The recipe requires ripe elderberry fruits, which resemble to blueberries and are harvested in late August and early September.

ElderberryThe elderberry fruits are not washed, put in large jars, one layer of elderberry fruits and one layer of sugar until the whole jar is filled.

The last ticker layer should be sugar. Jars should be covered with gauze to be able to “breathe”. They should be kept in the dark place and strained after 40 days.

The last few days the content should be mixed with a wooden spoon to dissolve the sugar.  You can prepare 2, 3 or 4 jars and to have it until the other year.

You should consume one tea spoon of the mixture early in the morning on an empty stomach, 10 minutes before breakfast.

Elderberries are good for the immune system and large number illnesses. It is important to know that it should be picked when ripe because the green fruits are poisonous.

Curative elderberries should be soft and dark color.