Fall Asleep in Less Than 1 Minute!

Fall Asleep

For a long time I had a problem to fall asleep. We remain sleepless for a long time in the night due to dinner, too much computer and TV before sleep and lot of exposure to stress. It was very difficult to exclude the brain and to focus on the sleep. After a few sleepless weeks, my friend showed me one trick. It was the breathing exercise called “4-7-8”.

Fall Asleep

This method has been developed by Dr. Andrew Weil of Harvard, who studies meditation, breathing and the ways we can fight stress. It is an easy thing to do. It is necessary to inhale through the nose, for four seconds, to keep the air for seven seconds and to exhale trough the mouth for 8 seconds.

Quite easily, right? I was skeptical but I tried. Already on the fourth repetition I fell asleep in less than one minute.

This has much more benefits to us than usual falling asleep. When not under stress, our endocrine system releases adrenaline through our adrenal glands. This has an impact on the increase of heart beats and can cause that we feel bad and nervous. Often, our breathing becomes shallow and accelerated.

With use of this method for breathing, you can oppose to this natural process of adrenaline release and your body will be forced to slow down the heart beating rate.