Farting Is Healthy

Farting Healthy

Farting is normal bodily function that everyone does, and if you take a look at the bigger picture, you will also realize how healthy it is.

Passing gas should never be something embarrassing; in fact, it can reveal a lot of important information about what’s going on in your body. Take a look at some of the information:

  • An early warning signal

No matter what you do, you cannot prevent gasses. However, this is a good thing as they can be early warning signs for numerous health ailments. More precisely, strong smells, high frequency, or unusual ache while farting are causes for concern. Therefore, if you frequently experience the abovementioned symptoms, you should consult your physician.

  • No bloating

Everyone has been there: You’ve just had a delicious meal and now you’re sitting fat and happy in the same time. However, you feel five times your size. This is because when large amounts of food are to be digested at once, the body stores surplus water and the intestines produce excess gas. When you pass that gas, your stomach will feel better and you can easily button your jeans.

  • The odor is good for you

Smelling your own farts is actually very healthy. Hence, studies have shown that your gas contains ingredients that protect you from harmful diseases. This is because of hydrogen sulfide, a chemical which gives the gas that rotten egg odor. High doses of the chemical are poisonous, but small amounts can protect the cells and prevent strokes and heart diseases.

  • Helps you sort out nutritional needs

Different types of food produce different types of gas, which can point out whether you are eating too much or too little of something. If you rarely fart, than your diet is probably lacking fiber. Therefore, include foods with more fiber like green veggies, whole grains, and lentils. Excessive consumption of red meat can cause bad odor and it can mean that it is time to pause on steaks and burgers.

  • Gasses are signs of healthy bacteria

Thinner people pass gasses more often and are happier. This is because people who lead a healthy diet intake more fiber and more veggies and fruits that encourage proper digestion. Moreover, these things allow the gut bacteria more material to work with, thus, making your digestive tract more productive.

  • It’s healthy for the intestines

Holding in gas is not healthy. Doing this every once and a while cannot harm you, however, if you constantly hold it back, the intestinal activity gets impeded and you will experience painful cramping.

  • It is a good feeling

Everyone will agree: passing gasses makes you feel good! Sure, letting it loose may cause you to blush, but if you hold everything in, you will feel much worse. Therefore, you have no reasons to hold it in. Instead, let it all out!