Few Tips How Can You Boost Your Health With Cooking On The Moon Phases

The Moon can affect on your well-being in many ways, it can influence your emotions and on your mood too.

We can also adjust our food on the Moon phases, to work and live with the rhythm of our bodies. Here are some tips to boost your health with the Moon phases.

Waxing Moon

For the waxing moon, on your menu, you should put food which includes meat, fish, chicken, pasta, lots of vegetables, beans and some recipes with herbs and spices. A good choice for your energy in this phase is dairy filled desserts and fruit pies. Choice of food: vegetables, fruits, garlic, onion, meat, fish, beans, thyme, ginger, honey.

Full Moon

This is time for delicious and fantastic food, in the name of the mother of nature. Don’t stop yourself making some big dishes with eggs, pasta, rice, potato with lots of chilies and herb sauces. As a dessert, you shouldn’t forget chocolate or cakes filled with nuts. Choice of food: pasta, eggs, seafood, tomatoes, oregano, chili, oregano, cinnamon, nuts, chocolate.

Waning moon

On the waning moon choose lighter food that will clean your body and keeps it fresh. Take food like citrus fruit, fresh vegetables, rice and soups with plenty of garlic. Herbal teas or yogurt are also excellent choices. Choice of food: salads, all kind of vegetables, beans, rice, lemon, citrus, mint.

New Moon

On this phase of the moon, we recommend you to stay healthy, drink a lot of water and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. But here is some difference from summer new moon to winter new moon.

Spring Moon

This is the time for growth so eat food that allows you to connect with the spring energy.

Summer Moon

As we know this is time to start celebrating the life we have.

Autumn Moon

Time for warm and hearty food.

Winter Moon

On the winter season, we should eat food that will give us a lot of energy and keeps our bodies warm and strong.
You all should follow your intuition and what your body tells you, so you can act accordingly to that, and boost your health even with the moon.