With Figs In The Fight Against Cancer


Figs are very delicious and healthy fruit. Whole fig can be eaten: the outer shell and the sweet, red, fleshy middle part with tiny seeds.

5899891539_0b553c1dda_bIt is said for figs: “Figs revive, foster the young people and maintain old people healthy and fight to make them look younger.”

Figs can be eaten fresh or dry. They can be frozen and kept for 6 months. Dry figs can be stored in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator for several months.


Fresh figs

Energy value of 100 grams of fresh figs is 74 kcal / 310 kJ. It contains 19.2% carbohydrates, 0.75% protein and 0.3% fat.

  • Contain minerals: potassium (232 mg), calcium (32 mg), magnesium (17 mg), phosphorous (14 mg), manganese (0,1 mg), iron (0,4 mg), selenium (0, 2 mg), copper (0,07 mg) and zinc (0,15 mg).
  • Contain vitamins: vitamin group B, vitamin E, K and a little vitamin C.
  • 100 grams of fresh fruit contains 3 grams of fiber, 31 mg of phytosterols and 85 μg beta-carotene.

Dried figs

Energy value of 100 grams of dried figs is 249 kcal / 1041 kJ. It contains 64% carbohydrates, 3.3% protein and 0.9% fat.

  • Contains minerals: potassium (680 mg), calcium (162 mg), magnesium (68 mg), phosphorous (67 mg), manganese (0,5 mg), iron (2 mg), selenium (0.6 mg), copper (0,3 mg) and zinc (0,5 mg).
  • Contain vitamins: little vitamin C, vitamins B, vitamin E and K.
  • 100 grams of dried fruit has 9,8 g fiber, 32 mg lutein-zeaxanthin.


Figs with its nutritional composition and medicinal properties rise above many types of fruits. They are a better source of fiber than most types of fruits, 28% of the fibers in the figs are soluble. This type of fiber helps control blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol by binding to the intestine.

Studies show that consumption of fruits rich in soluble fiber reduces energy intake, and satiety remains as well as for consumption of foods with higher energy values. This means that fiber can help in reducing weight.

Insoluble fibers in figs have beneficial effect on colon health. They regulate digestion and enable normal bowel movements. Some estimates indicate that about 70% of cancers are related to poor diet. Several theories link the high fat intake and low intake of fiber with colon cancer.

More studies have shown that eating fruits and vegetables can affect slower appearance of cancer. Earlier, this property was assigned to vitamins and minerals, but it was found that the polyphenols have larger protective role. They act as antioxidants, blocking genes that cause cancer and inhibit the growth of cancer tissue.

Besides the usual polyphenols, this fruit contains benzaldehyde and coumarin, which are successfully used to treat cancer.

A large number of epidemiological studies demonstrate the protective role of fruits and vegetables for blood vessels. With consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables we significantly reduce the risk of heart attack. The protective role is attributed to flavonoids which figs has about 1.1 grams per 100 grams of fresh fruit, which is much more than the usual fruit, red wine or tea. Figs have a greater amount of potassium, which together with calcium acts on the regulation of blood pressure and thus protects the cardiovascular system.

Fresh fig acts calming in inflammation of the airways. It contains a high percentage of water and natural sugars, and is useful in recovery from fatigue, and is natural “cleaner” of the body.

The natural sugars from them stimulate the brain and increase memory. In folk medicine, it is well known that the grounded fruits are good for cleaning of the face and also help in the treatment of acne on the skin.

Also, leaves are medicinal and can be eaten. It was proved that they have an anti diabetic effect, reduce triglyceride levels and assist in stopping the growth of cancer cells.

Dried figs are recommended if you keep diets. Why? They are rich in fiber, so they regulate digestion of the food. Consuming 3 or 4 dried fruits in the morning, before breakfast, will accelerate and facilitate digestion.

Advice: In case you feel strong hunger, take 2 to 3 dried figs. They are rich in magnesium, fiber and have less fat than the other dry fruits.