First Symptoms Of Autism In Babies – Behavior Analysis


You have noticed that your baby does not behave like other babies? Early symptoms of autism and early intervention are key factors to the prevention of cognitive decline later in life. This disorder is in most cases occurs in children aged between 12 and 18 months.

autism-babiesCurrent studies have shown that many parents are not familiar with the first symptoms of autism. It is important to know that not all children will show early symptoms of autism, but it does not mean that you should ignore them.

Some of the most common behavior analysis of autism

– The baby does not imitate the behavior of other people around. Babies who suffer from autism will very unlikely mimic the behavior of people from their environment, such as smiling, waving and clapping hands.

– The baby does not show emotion. Babies are usually very sensitive to the emotions of people from their environment. However, babies who suffer from this disease usually do not respond to other people’s emotions. For example, they will not be laughing when they see someone laughing.

– The child does not participate in certain games. For children aged 2-3 years it is very interesting to take part in games of transforming (pretending that banana is telephone). However, for children who suffer from this disease such games will not be interesting and probably they will not want to participate in them.

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