Five Seconds Rule! How Many Seconds Is Really Needed?

5 seconds

Did you hear about Five seconds rule? Yes, but did you know the truth? Do you eat food that falls on the floor?

ice-creamFollowers of the popular Five seconds rule probably eat, but new research has put to the test the rule that it is OK to eat food fallen on the floor if it is not on the floor for more than 5 seconds, and reached new conclusions – bacteria are not attaching to all the food with same speed.

Researchers tested this rule to cooked pasta, ham, biscuits, bread and butter and dried fruit. These foods were chosen because they are most often consumed but also because they have different amounts of water, which helps to spread the bacteria. The results were precise: food with more salt or sugar is resistant to bacteria harmful to health.

Ham and bread with jelly, very salty and very sweet food, were tested and thrown to the floor. When you pick them from the floor after only five seconds, scan showed very few signs of the existence of harmful bacteria. Dried fruits, cooked pasta and biscuits underwent the same procedure but results were worse: after five seconds on the kitchen floor the signs have shown existence of Klebsiella, bacteria that can cause various diseases.

The result is somewhat surprising: dry food is less resistant to harmful bacteria from food that is richer in water, sugar or salt!